Recycled Weaving Yarns

Our Recycled Weaving Yarns are appropriate for running on conventional and cutting edge tall speed looms like Sulzer, Air Jet, Rapier, Hand Loom and idyllic for the fabrication of bed sheets, Scarves, covers, denim, shirts and suiting.

We offer Yarns in a diverse mixes of composition like: Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Cotton Poly and Wool Blends etc.

Our natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic Yarns are made from 100% sustainable fibers and come in 100 different colors within the both coarser and ultra-fine counts with single utilize and twofold handle alternatives.

Find high quality recyclable Yarn can be utilized in all design related material uses.

Product Description

Composition: Cotton and Polyester

Colors: Solid Colors, Melange Shades and All Types of White

Thickness: 2/1, 6/1, 8/1, 10/1, 12/1, 14/1, 16/1, 18/1, 20/1

Count: 2s To 20s

Recycled Weaving Yarn

S. C. Spuntex

Manufacturers of Recyclable Cotton Yarn

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