Sustainability in Yarns

Committed to sustainability, S C Spuntex produce the 100% naturally sourced fiber, yarns made using post production waste usually worn out cloths like old jeans, used cotton, which can be used again in textiles or utilized in manufacturing  natural threads .


Sustainable production of Spuntex’s Yarns

Efficient use of textile waste and utilization of recoverable wastes is the best practice for both economic and environmental benefits. Our sustainable yarns are ethically manufactured and put no burden on environment, human, and animals.

As a responsible textile manufacturer we not only contribute towards the safety of our planet but our naturally made yarns give a premium look, soothness and most importantly satisfaction of consuming eco-friendly fashion.

When you choose yarns from SC Spuntex, you are not just enjoying the benefits of sustainable fashion but you are also encouraging a better tomorrow for future generations.



Sustainable Manufacturing
Gentle on Skin
Breathable Fabric
Green business certification-sc-spuntex
Green Business Certified
Color Retentiveness
Zero chemical use-yarns-sc-spuntex
No Chemical Use

Our Special Curated Yarns

By adopting sustainable manufacturing we help towards saving

10,000-20,000 liters
To cultivate just one kilogram of raw cotton
gas release
1.2 billion Tonnes Greenhouse gas emissions from textile production
13 million tons of textile waste of which 95% could be reused or recycled
8,000 different chemicals (Average 25% of the world's chemicals are used for textile production)

We are one of the leading Recycled Yarn Manufacturer across the National Textile Industry


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