All About Sustainable Yarns & Fiber


Yarns and fiber are an integral part of the textile & apparel industry and the concept of sustainable
development is to gratify the needs of present so that future generations can lead sustainable lives.
With rising awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly processing, Textile industries are
endeavoring for continuous enhancement to meet the changing demands and industry standards.

Why Sustainable Solutions
Since the textile dyeing is the most contaminating processes for environment because it consumes a
large quantity of water, non-biodegradable petroleum-based colorants and increase chemical
oxygen demand (BOD and COD) which promotes toxicity in environment. As a result, Companies
around the world are evolving towards using sustainable materials, manufacturing process to put
the least negative impact on our environment.


Our Sustainable Manufacturing
At SC Spuntex, we create a variety of Recyclable Yarns (Cotton, Wool, Denim, Knitting, Specialized
and Melange etc.) using eco-friendly fiber. Our procedure commences with collecting pre- and post-
consumption waste, and ends with processing the waste fibres and spinning the fibres into yarn.
We adopt innovative methods of manufacturing that use less water and do not infect the
environment. We also develop eccentric approaches to reuse waste generated from the production
process and reuse or recycle everything in their conveniences. By applying innovative and specialized
technology, SC Spuntex develops products that respect the nature, are energy efficient and

Sustainable Yarns


Recycled Cotton Yarn
Recycled cotton yarn derived from various types of cotton waste materials, textile waste or leftovers
and then the fabrics are run through a machine that pieces the fabric into yarn and further into raw

Recycled Weaving Yarn
Made from recycled fibers, our Weaving Yarn are the result of an ecologically advanced process
and offers considerable environmental advantage. It can be used in all fashionable knit applications.
Recycled Knitting Yarn
Theses yarns are primarily made from leftover wool of textile industry. It works well for knitwear
garments in winter and also suitable for knitted shoes, working gloves, socks and other accessories

Recycled Denim Yarn
Denim yarns are made from cotton fibers recovered from discarded denim waste and then turned
into yarn using an industrial machine. It is used to make a variety of textile applications such as
denim clothing, denim footwear, and accessories. 
Recycled Melange Yarn
Melanges are yarns made by combining various fibers. Typically, cotton yarn is blended with
polyester or viscose yarn to create a melange yarn. It is ideal for casual wear, undergarments, shirts,
and all types of sports clothing. It can also be used to make decorative fabrics, towels, and other
fabric products.

Recycled Speciality Yarn
Fancy yarns are specialized products and most are produced using spinning or twisting machines
that have been modified or specially designed for this purpose. It is made from different types of
fancy fibers to meet the specific needs of customers.

As sustainability has become a standard of garments and textile manufacturing rise, we at SC
Spuntex produce an inherently sustainable fiber & yarn that are totally recyclable and doesn’t
impact the environment negatively. We deliver quality and consistent materials that ensure
customer satisfaction.

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