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We at S. C. Spuntex Manufacture and Supply Recyclable Cotton Yarn and Cotton Fibre. We are based in Panipat, the Textile City of India. The concept of sustainable development and recycling make up the core of our values, thus leading us to deal in products that not only bring us a step closer to sustainable development but can also change the future of the textile industry.

Building a Sustainable fashion

We use over 100 million pounds of waste annually to produce high quality recycled yarns and fibres used in the manufacture of all kinds of fashion products and accessories. Our process begins with collecting pre- and post-consumption waste, and ends with processing the waste fibres and spinning the fibres into yarn.

Our products are made with Recuperate, the recycled fiber with the least impact, and the excess fabrics are recycled in a sustainable way, respecting nature, without chemical treatments or the use of water

Building a Sustainable fashion-
Traceability and Transparency -

Traceability and Transparency 

When it comes to transparency and traceability, we share the traceability and performance of the sustainability of each of our products to guide positive change and satisfy consumer demand for a transparency of true mode of textiles.

Why You Choose S C Spuntex as Your Textiles Manufacturer?

Reliable and Professional Service

We have been in the industry for over 20 years, providing stable and reliable service, best products and unwavering support, proving that we are long-term and reliable. Compared to the large traditional industry, we continue to be directly involved in quality control to ensure that our customers get the products

Fair Business Practice

Fair Business Practice

We strive to be equal and fair with all of our suppliers and customers. Additionally, we are socially and ethically certified and our organization is professionally managed with a valid license to conduct international business activities and follow all local laws in which we operate.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfation

Being a business-to-business organization, we tend to perceive and support open communication with our purchasers at each stage of the manufacturing cycle. We tend to additionally take approvals from our clients at every step of development before continuing to the next. Client satisfaction and happiness is our primary.

Recycled Cotton Rich Yarn

Recycled Weaving Yarn

Our weaving yarns are eco-friendly, made from recycled fibers, and are available with 100 shades of colors.

Recycled Melange Yarn

Recycled melange yarn is created with the blends of various recycled fibers such as cotton, poly, and wool which are available in unique textures and colour patterns.

Recycled Knitting Yarn

Our Recycled Cotton Knitting Yarn is available in a wide range of colours in 99+ shades. It is available in a wide count range

Recycled Speciality Yarn

Incorporating our regenerated specialty yams into your products is a great way to make them stand out from your competitors and to create unique.

Recycled Denim Yarn

We are proud introducing our 100% post-consumer recycled yarns having the least environmental impact since it’s made out of 80% cotton.


Braman Majra Road, Near Railway Crossing,
Village- Noltha, Distt.- Panipat, Haryana, India.
E-mail :scspuntex@gmail.com

Contact No. : 9050700007


S. C. Spuntex

Manufacturers of Recyclable Cotton Yarn

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